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Production Testing Increases Purchasing Confidence

Most of us would likely not buy or lease a new car without giving it a quick test-drive to see how we feel in it.  In Industrial automation however, this level of confidence in a purchasing decision is frequently unavailable.  Equipment is often customized and there is rarely an opportunity to run it in a…
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Vibratory Tray Feeder Consistently Feeds Success

“It’s like trying to feed a bunch of toothpicks into a machine at an even federate” says Charles Weber, president of Composite Products Inc. (CPI), Winona, Minn. While the material Weber is referring to here isn’t toothpicks, it’s something equally tenacious – fiberglass. This difficult material has a high aspect ratio and often bridges and…
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S.A.S Electrostatics Surprises Customer

Testing out a new piece of machinery on a production line can often be a slightly unnerving event for everyone involved. The supplier wants to prove the worthiness of the machinery while the customer expects to see results and conclude an exhaustive search for a technology that fits their application. Often times the benefit(s) of…
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