Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an ARBO vibratory feeder?

The patended ARBO vibratory tray feeder is an ideal, maintenance-free, easy-to-clean solution for many applications. Most vibratory drives currently on the market operate at a constant frequency whereas ARBO’s drive finds the resonant frequency of the tray and material to provide accurate feed rates and a turn-down ratio of over 1:100.


We provide our customers with turnkey solutions for feeding and dosing applications with 25 years of experience in North America and 50 years of global experience in every industry that utilizes feeding technology. In addition, we work with our customers to provide application-specific, tailor made solutions based on our drives.

Is vibratory always the answer?

No, it is not. But it is the ideal solution for free flowing or frangible materials. There are many ingredients that cannot be fed effectively with vibratory drives and to this end, we offer a complete line of single and twin auger, agitated feeders, which are up to the task with the toughest materials. A quick and easy test to see if a vibratory feeder would work for you, would be to take a small amount of material in your hand. Make a fist, squeeze, and open it. If the material is packed together like a snow ball, a vibratory feeder would not be suitable.

How do I know if my material/application works with ARBO?

We provide our customers with free testing facilities in our lab in Toronto, Ontario.  We test customer materials, deliver a report and equipment specifications for the application.  Our customers are invited to observe and participate in testing if they choose to do so.  Please contact us to discuss the testing of your application material in our Lab.  We analyze the following 8 areas: Name of Material, Material form or state in which it must be handled, Solid Composition, Particle Size, Flowability, Abrasiveness, Material Temperature and Moisture Content to deliver an accurate match between our equipment and your material.

What is ARBO’s warranty?

ARBO provides a 1-year full warranty for defects on all the equipment that it sells, providing all components are installed as per our instructions and have not been altered in any way. We have a full inventory of equipment and spare parts for all contingencies. That being said, it is important to note that since there are no mechanical moving parts, we are pleased to state that we receive very few warranty-based claims.

How do I receive service and support?

ARBO has a dedicated team of engineers and technicians to aid in start up and commissioning of projects.  All of our equipment is delivered after extensive factory testing and calibration to the customers’ application specifications.  24 hour support is available and we are proud of our attentive and rapid service.

Talk to a feeder expert today – call us toll-free at 1-800-689-ARBO (2726)