About ARBO

For over 40 years ARBO has been manufacturing some of the finest volumetric and gravimetric feed systems for the industrial market. ARBO was originally established in Lugano, Switzerland in 1974 with the patented closed-loop, resonant frequency vibratory feeder — a first-to-market design that allows for the feeding of an array of different materials while maintaining a precise feed rate. Due to the linearity and high turn down ratio of this type of vibratory feeder (up to 100:1 ratio), it is extremely accurate, even in volumetric mode. ARBO Engineering Incorporated was established in 1993 to bring that same great Swiss-engineered design to the North and South American markets. Our facilities in Toronto, Canada provide sales, engineering, and a testing center for our customers.

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Our versatile product line finds applications in:

  • Food industries
  • Material manufacturing
  • Plastic compounding
  • Chemical manufacturing

Whether your material is compactable or free-flowing, ARBO has a feeder that will best suit your needs. Our patented closed-loop, resonant frequency drives demonstrate superb accuracies and ability to feed difficult materials. ARBO offers an extremely diversified product line for feeding and dosing applications including:

  • Single and twin screw feeders
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Liquid feeders
  • Weigh-belt feeders
  • Volumetric and gravimetric control systems

The ARBO vibratory drive can be outfitted with a modified tray design to turn a feeder into a spreader or material applicator. These tray designs are just one way in which ARBO Engineering works with customers to arrive at novel and effective solutions for their needs.

ARBO Feeders: Exceptional Craftsmanship. Built To Move. Built To Last.

ARBO Engineering is also the trading partner of Spice Application Systems of Oxford England – specialists in electrostatics. While electrostatic technology might be more familiar for its use in the painting industry to ensure an even coat, SAS has harnessed the power of electrostatics within the food and pharmaceutical industry. The ARBO vibratory drive and tray can be incorporated into a Spice Application System. This powerful duo works in tandem with current seasoning/coating setups to improve product coating, reduce seasoning cost, and reduce dusting (which can lead to unnecessary product loss and increase line downtime due to cleaning).

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