Electrostatic Coatings


Shredded and Cubed Cheese

Using ARBO/SAS electrostatics systems can result in the near complete eradication of the starch powder build-up on cheese processing lines – a perennial problem often encountered on these types of lines. The technology dramatically reduces the amount of powder in the air during the application process. At the same time, it reduces wastage and delivers 100% product coating.

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Dry Vibrator Model Type: SAS 1 DV and ARBO AF-14 Vibratory Drive

This model is designed to atomise dry spices and create an electrostatic charge on the powder as it leaves a vibratory tray, which is angled and pointing towards the products to be coated.

Typical Uses:

  • Powder onto grated cheese.
  • Dry flavourings onto cubed cheese

Benefits to the User:

  • Up to 98% coating of all products
  • Improved coating over traditional methods
  • Less powder usage
  • Drastic reduction in off-dusting
  • Cleaner working area
  • Cleaner coating drums
  • Less line contamination and maintenance downtime

With dozens of installations in North and South American cheese processors, this technology is quickly catching on as the standard for improving coating and reducing airborne dusting from the application of anti caking agents.