Why Arbo

Why Arbo


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to feeding dry materials, ARBO has excelled repeatedly at producing some of the most accurate and versatile feeders on the market today. The innovative design of our vibratory feeders have stood the test of time as our equipment is made out of extremely durable materials. The brain behind our vibratory drive is built-in to the drive itself. Even if your application does not require gravimetric accuracy, our patented closed-loop drive finds the resonant vibratory frequency of the system and constantly adjusts it as needed to produce a “waterfall” material flow. The closed-loop system enables us to maintain turn down ratios which often exceed 1:100.

Since our smart drive is the cornerstone of the company, we can build your application around it. This enables us to meet our customers’ expectations by putting them in the designer’s seat. If you are not looking for customization, we also have many standard and utilitarian feeder designs to choose from, but our real prowess in the business comes from improving our own designs from previous customer applications.

To make the decision process even easier, our on-site testing lab will facilitate in deciding what the best feeder is for your application. Our feeders have been known to tackle some notoriously difficult materials such as sticky fruit, fiberglass, and other agglomerating materials. When in doubt, you may send us a material sample and we will test its feedability!

Speak to a feeder expert today! Call ARBO at 1-800-689-2726 or request a quote online.

ARBO Joins With SAS

ARBO Engineering joined forces with Spice Application Systems (SAS), a company based in the UK. The company has developed a state-of-the-art coating system for a wide variety of food applications. Creating a novel design adapted from the automotive industry, SAS primarily increases the efficiency of the seasoning process. This is particularly advantageous for companies that deal with snacks, cheese, pet foods, and cereal. SAS utilizes a corona discharge probe to ionize dry coating material. The ionized particles are attracted to any electrically grounded object and the system is set up in such a way that the nearest surface is the food product. Once the seasoning makes contact with the surface of the material, the charge is cancelled. This system offers a multitude of benefits beyond its primary goal. Since the process is more efficient, these systems often pay for themselves rather quickly just by reducing the amount of seasoning used. Another welcomed benefit includes the reduction of “dusting” produced by the air currents in the coating drum. Some of our customers purchase the SAS system just to keep their factory floors and ventilation systems clean. Remarkably, with an SAS system installed in a coating drum, product coating is confined to the inside of the drum due to the electrical field contained therein.

ARBO has brought the SAS system to North America and paired it with our vibratory drive. This duo provides the best coating system on the market! No mess, no moving parts – simply cost reduction and increased end-customer satisfaction.

Whatever the application may be, speak to a feeder expert today! Call ARBO at 1-800-689-2726 or request a quote online.