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Choose from a wide range of feeders for your applications


Screw Feeders

Flexible Wall

Electrostatic Applications

Harness the power of the best electrostatic coating system and save money along the way

  • Snacks

    Improved coating of snack food while using less seasoning can lead to savings of up to 60%

  • Cheese

    Dust control and improved coating can lead to better shred with increases in customer satisfaction

  • Cereal

    Improved coating of various cereals increases product quality and customer satisfaction while saving on flavouring

  • Pet Foods

    Improved product coating provides superior consistency and delivers savings on flavouring applied

Why Choose ARBO

Our feed systems offer a multitude of benefits!

  • Swiss Precision

    The Swiss resonant vibratory drive lends incredible accuracy to ARBO systems. Our turn-down ratio often exceeds 100:1.

  • Quality Materials

    Choose from various finishes of high-quality stainless steel and/or wash-down rated drives – all built to last.

  • Volumetric and Gravimetric Systems

    Our volumetric feed systems are utilitarian and extraordinarily accurate. For the ultimate in feeding accuracy, our gravimetric systems operate at a high level of accuracy.

  • Customized Solutions

    ARBO’s unique strength is in working closely with our customers for solutions that fit their needs – not by changing their processes to accommodate our designs.

  • Difficult Applications

    40 years of customer applications has given us the know-how to solve the most difficult feeding issues across most industries.

  • Versatility

    For the ultimate in product seasoning or coating, and to dramatically cut wastage, pair an ARBO feeder with SAS.

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